Chai Chats: Personal Essays to Fill Your Cup

I’m so pleased to announce the arrival of my first book baby, “Chai Chats: Personal Essays to Fill Your Cup.” Here is a brief description of what it’s all about:

Chai Chats is an invitation to slow down and brew a cup of hot chai, a Pakistani tradition commemorating gatherings and moments of solitude. Chai is a warm drink made with simple ingredients available on your kitchen shelf right now. This book will guide you through the making of chai and relate how it parallels the way we live – gathering our inner resources, being present through challenges, and savoring the joys of life. Join the Author as she shares her personal essays dealing with each of these steps. Soon you will be able to brew a cup of Pakistani chai and let the warmth of these moments envelop your heart and soul.

To learn more about the book, check out my appearance on Jennifer Milius’ The TufFish Show Podcast:




For readers of Chai Chats: Would you like to receive recipe illustrations for the recipes featured in the book? As a thank you for buying and reading my book, I’d like to gift you the recipe illustrations, so you can easily refer to them in the kitchen. Just fill out this form with your reflections and thoughts about the book and I’ll get in touch with you.